Firestar has been revealed as Mary Jane Watson, after the demise of the Original X-Men Marvel Girl kills Sunfire to become the Phoenix and follows Ice Man to New York to go to University with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.

Marvel Girl plans to kill Mary Jane Watson as Firestar and absorb her power into herself after killing her partner Sunfire.

An isolated Peter Parker disguised as Spider-Man while studying psychology at University realizes that his memory of Ben dying was just a nightmare he had while dealing with the stress of becoming Spider-Man, with help from his professors he remembers Ben died at home years ago when Aunt May was slightly younger before he moved in with his Aunt May full time.

A frequent visitor of Ben and May as a child his guilt from becoming Spider-Man led to his false belief that he caused Ben’s death, when he first became Spider-Man because he couldn’t save Ben because he died before Peter became Spider-Man.

Cast so far:

Spider-Man – Peter Parker

Iceman – Bobby Drake

Firestar – Mary Jane Watson

Marvel Girl

J. Jonah Jameson

University Staff: Peidmier, Peter’s Science Professor



Spider-Man: “Hey, Annnnngelica!”

Angelica: “Hey, Spider-Man”

Spider-Man: “Glad you could make it to university with us.”

-Flash to Ice Man-

Iceman is heading to New York in a hurry to meet up with Peter and Angelica after leaving the Professor X School For The Gifted.

Iceman: “Man, did I ever just get outta there fast!”

Iceman: “What a dud!”

Iceman: “Who was that guy anyway? Professor X? Booring, I gotta go meet up with Peter and Angelica”.

-Flash to J. Jonah Jameson at The Daily Bugle-

J. Jonah Jameson: “That’s the guy! Iceman Bobby Drake.”

J. Jonah Jameson: “What, did he just get outta jail or something….that’s the guy living with Parker.”

J. Jonah Jameson with picture of Peter and Bobby: “Where is this picture taken at?”

Sidekick: “That’s NYU sir..New York State University!”

J. Jonah Jameson: “Is that right….why do they call this guy Iceman?”

Sidekick:” I don’t know, maybe he’s cool or something.”

-Flash to Marvel Girl in new green costume following Bobby with her henchmen to New York-

Marvel Girl getting into back of car to henchman: “What a dud, who was that guy Professor X, go find out!”

Marvel Girl: “What a joke Sunfire didn’t see that coming.”

Marvel Girl thinking to herself of Angelica Jones nasally voice in her head “Boooooooooobby” she thinks.

Marvel Girl outloud: “YOU’RE DEAD FIRESTAR!”

Back at NYU...

Peter and Angelica meet up with Bobby.

Angelica to Peter and Bobby: "If we're gonna start fitting in around here we need to get you two dates for the dance this Friday!"

Bobby: "Yeah, and I gotta get over to admissions right away if I'm gonna be allowed going!"

Peter: "Yeah, and JJ said since I'm over here at NYU he wants me to get a story only I can get." - points at himself with his thumb.

Angelica: "And I have to get to the drama club."

Peter: "I hope it's not to early to start asking for an extension on these science projects...and class didn't even start yet!"

The group put their hands together and do their exit cheer "Spider-friends, Break!"

Peter heads over to this terms science professor.

Peter: "Hi Professor, hope it's not too early to start asking for an extension on these science projects the Daily Bugle's looking for a story that only I can get from NYU." - Points at himself with his thumb.

Science Professor: "Hi Peter, ....just try not to get too far behind....go see Peidmier the lab assistant, his office is in the basement of the science archives".

Peter: "Thanks professor! Mr. Jameson said if I could get an exclusive story about NYU he'd put in on a panel on the front page and the back cover."

Peter heads over to the science archives where he finds Peidmier's office in the basement.

Peter: "What a dump, who cleans this place."

Peidmier: "Is that you Peter, I got a call that said you were coming over...what did you need?"

Peter: "The Daily Dugle is looking for an exclusive story about NYU and if I can get one they're gonna run it on the front page."

Peter: "Something nobody ever heard of, to really get their blood pumping."

Peidmier: "Yeah there's all kinds of stuff down here Peter, let's see what we got….hahaha...right on the front page the Dean's gonna love that Peter."

Peter: "Great!"

Later on...

Bobby: “It’s great your boss wanted to meet me and Angelica Peter.”

Peter: “Yeah he said to come in right away.”

Angelica: “Maybe we’ll be in the paper.”

The group laughing: “hahahahahaha.”

Jameson noticing the group: “Over here Peter”.

Peter: “This is Angelica and Bobby.”

Jameson: “Great, you guys try and stay outta trouble at that school…NYU is making this paper look great…that story you got really blew the roof off this town Peter.”

Peter: “Thanks, Mr. Jameson.”

Jameson: “Ok you kids get outta here…just keep them stories coming Peter.”

The group starts to head out of the room.

Jameson: “Oh Bobby…see you at the big game this weekend…make sure Peter gets some good pictures of you guys for the Paper….Iceman….hahahahha”

The group get scurried out of the room.

Peter: “Whhhhhhaaaat was that about?”

Angelica: “Boooooobby made some football team.”

Marvel Girl far away: “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaahhhh.”

Bobby: “Yeah I’m the star receiver.”

Peter: “Yeah and it looks like JJ wants you for a story on the front page of the Daily Bugle!”

Later At The Dance…

Bobby: “Hey Mona, you coming to the big game tomorrow?”

Mona: “Yeah, everyone’s gonna be there…Peter’s taking your picture for the paper.”

Peter: “Yeah, JJ’s and his friends are gonna be right down at the fifty yard line and he says we gotta make him look good for the paper.”

Peter’s Date: “Peter, can we go see the library.”

Peter: “Yeah, just a minute.” – Waves her over to the door.

Marvel Girl in costume at the dance: “Bobby, are you gonna take my picture?” – keeps walking.

Bobby: “That was odd…Peter’s the one with the camera.”

Marvel Girl watching secretly in costume from across the room to herself: “I’ll just take a look around for a while, then enroll in class for second semester.”

Angelica: “Bobby, the Dean said you and Peter better tone it back a bit, he’s getting too much attention.”

Bobby: “Tone it back? I’m not even unpacked yet…and it’s only the first week of school.”